Our residents, family members, and friends are very pleased with our care and our programs. Here’s what they have to say about us.

We are very fortunate to have chosen Baycrest Terraces as Mom’s home

“If we knew how amazing our mother’s experience would be at Baycrest Terraces – we would have encouraged her to go there sooner! Her social life is so rich – her activities so varied – and her new friendships so lovely. Since moving to Baycrest Terraces in June of 2019 – Mom has been happy and well cared for. Staff are conscientious and helpful and the culture promotes warmth and kindness. Mom has access to a doctor right on the premises – and referrals to health professionals at Baycrest if necessary. During the lockdown(s) due to Covid – staff were especially attentive and Mom was visited and checked on many times each day. Vaccines were delivered early and swiftly and Mom and our family were always confident that she was safe and well cared for. We are very fortunate to have chosen Baycrest Terraces as Mom’s home.”

Paula Keyfitz (Family Member)
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Residents of all abilities are welcomed and accommodated

“I really appreciate the care that has gone into the program planning so that residents of all abilities are welcomed and accommodated. It makes Baycrest Terraces a community where there is something for everyone, from a quiet space in the greenhouse to concerts, discussion groups and exercise classes.”

Connie Price (Resident)
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My dad is happy to be living at Baycrest Terraces

“My dad's move to Baycrest Terraces was to provide him with respite care after rehab from hip replacement surgery but within a few days he was convinced this was where he wanted to live. The warm, attentive, personal care he received at the Health Centre, the custom meals prepared to his exacting palate and the exemplary entertainment, art program and lectures truly sealed the deal. The concierge team is the shining light at Baycrest Terraces – quietly, exacting stellar service that adds immeasurable quality to my dad's days. My dad is happy to be living at Baycrest Terraces among friendly, welcoming residents and I am thrilled he is home there.”

Faith Sherman (Family Member)
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This has truly become our home

“We became residents of Baycrest Terraces almost two years ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. The friendly atmosphere permeates everything – the staff, always courteous and helpful, the really great people who live here with an interesting mix of beliefs, customs and backgrounds, and the very comprehensive programming – which was continued in pared-down form during the lockdown. We also can not thank Alec Badley and his amazing staff enough for their care of us during the pandemic. The rules were stringent, but well accepted by most of us, as we realized Alec was keeping us as safe as possible and with great success"

Marlene & Robert Ruderman (Residents)